What you need to know about preschool education journals

A new preschool education journal published this week is called “The Adventures of the First Edition.”It’s the first full-length, peer-reviewed, online publication to be produced by the Kindergarten Education Journal,

When is a child learning to read?

International preschool education is an important opportunity for children.But there are some things that need to be understood before you start reading.First of all, children need to know the difference

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ writer: ‘I’m white, and I hate myself’

When you think of “craziness,” you probably think of the kind of things that come to mind when you think “racism.”The “Crazy, Rich Asians” writer, however, says that is not

How to raise children in the US with no schooling

Posted September 20, 2018 05:11:19 When a new mother is born, her baby will likely have no formal education beyond the basics, she said.While there are a few resources available

Parents push for new preschool for Singapore: Parents push to create a new preschool

Parents are pushing for a new, inclusive preschool for the city of Singapore, with one advocate describing it as the “next stage” in preschool education.The preschool will be operated by

Why we need a preschool education

article Preschool education has always been about giving children the tools they need to learn, but the time and money to fund preschools has not kept up with the demand.The

President Trump’s pick for U.N. Ambassador picks off GOP opponents

Presumptive Republican nominee for the U.S. presidency Donald Trump has picked a high-profile opposition activist to be his envoy to the United Nations, putting him in a position to wield

How to get a Peace Education preschool in New York

Preschoolers everywhere should take advantage of a program announced on Tuesday to get them started in school.The Peace Education Program will be offered at every preschool, high school, middle school,

German preschool school system has been ordered to stop using the term “puppies” in order to avoid being branded racist

August 6, 2021 0 Comments

German preschool education authorities have ordered schools to stop referring to their pupils as “pups”, in an attempt to avoid racial stereotypes.“The word ‘puppy’ is a generic term for children,”

Teachers’ kindergarten education theories debunked: What the data actually shows

July 29, 2021 0 Comments

In an effort to understand what it is that makes preschool educators so different from other preschool teachers, the Jerusalem Post’s Lizzie Cohen and Shelly Seidman visited five elementary schools


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