Astronomical preschool poetry poem by a preschool teacher

A preschool teacher has created a poem for elementary students that they can share with their preschoolers to get them excited about astronomy.

The poem is entitled “Space Exploration” and was created by Rhea Niehle of Westfield in Westfield, Ohio.

The poem is written by Niehs family, and the first line of the poem says, “The universe is our playground and I want my kids to explore it and learn from each other.”

“It’s a fun poem for preschoolers because it’s easy and it’s fun to read and is very simple,” said Niehr, who has worked with children in the preschool for a long time.

“I wanted it to be a simple, fun poem that they could share with each other as they go along.”

The poem was created and submitted to the public via social media and is available for free download on the website of the Westfield Elementary School.

Niehles family has a large number of children enrolled in preschools across the country.

Niehl said she was looking for a way to encourage the children to learn about space exploration.

“I had a feeling that there was a way for kids to learn to share their stories and stories are very important to us,” Niehn said.

“It’s something that we want our kids to be proud of and feel proud of.”

Niehn also said she wanted to highlight how children can learn from their parents in the classroom.

“They can learn a lot about space and about the universe and about how we all are one,” she said.

“It makes sense to have a preschool with a lot of space and a lot and a bunch of things that we don’t see that we can explore and feel comfortable with.”

Nieshle said the poem was inspired by her mother who was a preschooler herself.

Nieshl said the nursery school she teaches at in Westview Heights, Ohio is also full of kids who are excited about the cosmos.

“We are very active with our kids and with them,” she explained.

“Our kids have a lot to learn from our teachers.

We try to give them the resources they need to be able to do that.”

Niedhles daughter, Olivia, has a fascination with the cosmos and was excited to see how the poem would be received.

“She likes to write and she likes to share,” Nieshl told ABC News.

“She’s been writing since she was a little girl.”NIEHLE said the children who wrote the poem were all enthusiastic about the idea and were looking forward to sharing it with their teachers and peers.NIEHR’S SISTER-OF-LOFT, JOSEPHINE, IS ANOTHER STAR AT CENTRAL STARSTONE IN SPACEThe poem has also received praise on social media from some.

“Thank you for this wonderful poem,” one Facebook user commented on the poem.

“You are a great inspiration to my young ones,” another commented.

“They’re really interested in astronomy and are really happy about this.”

“Space exploration has always been a favorite subject for my children,” another person commented.


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