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June 18, 2021 0 Comments

Finland is offering preschool education for $4,400 for the first time in its history, and is looking to boost the number of preschoolers entering the classroom by up to a third, with the aim of providing “better access to quality preschool education”.

The program will be available in six primary schools in the country from September, and the first batch of preschool education kit will be given to kindergarten children in early October.

The Finnish Education Board says the kits will be offered in two main parts: “basic” and “more advanced” parts, depending on the preschoolers’ age, gender and social standing.

The basic part will be aimed at those preschoolers who are between the ages of five and eight, while the more advanced part will cater for those who are aged between nine and 11.

The board also said the kits include everything needed for a basic preschool education from classroom supplies to a small book, and that the cost of the kits is €8.20 (US$8.55).

A preschool education can be as simple as a pencil, but the more sophisticated part will help students understand language and numeracy, according to the Finnish government.

The project will cost the government between €2.4 and €2,948 ($3.7 and $4.5) per child, depending how many children are included in the kits, the Finnish Education Ministry said.

The program was announced on Monday by Minister of Education, Pasi Kivimäki, who is also Minister for Skills, Science and Technology.

Kivimaki, who was born in Helsinki and now lives in London, said the idea of offering preschool to young people “could be a great benefit to Finland”.

“It will not only improve the children’s learning and their academic performance but also make them better citizens,” he said.


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