How to get the best quality preschool education without having to worry about spending money on a new computer

By Amit Kumar Kumar, Business WireRead moreBy Amit Kumarumar, Business InsiderThe average Indian child will spend around Rs2,500 on a child’s preschool education every year, according to a report by the World Bank.

That figure has increased from Rs1,700 in the previous five years.

The cost of the average preschool education in India rose from around Rs1.2 lakh to over Rs2.5 lakh, according the World Economic Forum.

It may seem surprising to many people that India’s education system is among the most expensive in the world, but the country is not without its costs.

The average annual cost of living in India is around Rs40,000, according a report published by the Institute of Policy Studies, an independent think tank in New Delhi. 

The report also revealed that India has the highest proportion of poor students, with around 30% of children in India living in poverty, a number that has doubled in the past decade.

India has more than half the number of children living in the country’s capital, Delhi, who are poor.

A high-quality preschool education is essential for a child to succeed in the future, but not all of India’s preschool programs have a high level of quality, according on the World Wide Web Foundation, which compiled a list of some of the worst preschool education programs in the globe. 

Here’s a look at the worst programs in India and a list for where the best preschool education might be found.

Read more:The following are the 10 worst preschool schools in India.

Read MoreTop 10 Worst Preschool Education ProgramsIn some ways, these programs may not be bad, but many of them do not offer a great quality of education, according to the World Development Report.

The most popular preschool program in India comes from the state of Kerala, which has one of the highest rates of poverty among all states in the Indian subcontinent. 

Kerala has a total of 23,944 children enrolled in the state’s preschool system, and the average age of the children enrolled is 3.1 years.

The Kerala Government claims that the average income for a household is around $10,000 per month, and in order to afford preschool, families are forced to make sacrifices like paying extra money for meals, or taking out loans. 

However, it is a fact that many children from poor families end up living in overcrowded and poor homes and are more likely to suffer from chronic health problems. 

Another program that is known to have a bad reputation is the Pareto preschool education system in Kerala, which is run by the Kerala Government, and it’s also ranked among the worst among the subcontours of countries for preschool education. 

Paredes preschool is a low-income preschool program that was set up in 2007 and is funded by the government. 

According to a study conducted by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), paredes has an enrolment rate of 8.8%, which has been compared to the average rate of 10.7% of all preschool programs in Kerala.

The government of Kerala also runs Maharashtra’s Pareto program, which is run under the patronage of the state government.

According to the report, the average monthly income of Paredes enrolment is around $200, and a study by the ESRI revealed that a majority of children enrolled at Paredess preschool were in poverty. 

There are a lot of reasons why children are enrolled in Paredesse preschool, but its the lack of quality that really makes it a bad program. 

Many of the programs that are considered to be bad preschools in Kerala are also run by NGOs, which also tend to be very poor, according TOI. 

A study by Indian Human Development Foundation (IHDF) revealed that around 50% of Indian children live in poverty and only 15% of them have access to basic health services, compared to 80% of those in countries like China, India, or the United States.

As per a 2015 survey conducted by IHDF, a third of India are living in extreme poverty, and many of the poor children are being educated in schools that do not have a good quality of educational materials.

While there are many programs that offer good quality preschool programs, some of them are less than stellar. “

The majority of the kids who have access do not do well,” IHFF’s Rajesh Kumar told Business Insider. 

While there are many programs that offer good quality preschool programs, some of them are less than stellar.

Below are the top 10 worst schools in the sub-continent for preschool programs.

Top 10 worst Preschool ProgramsIn India, there are a few good preschool programs that can be found in the capital, but most of them don’t offer the kind of quality of preschool education


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