How to raise children in the US with no schooling

Posted September 20, 2018 05:11:19 When a new mother is born, her baby will likely have no formal education beyond the basics, she said.

While there are a few resources available to support young families with preschool education, most of the time there are no resources to help a child to understand and learn the world around them.

So when her daughter is a few months old, she will need to rely on her mother’s knowledge to help her learn the language.

“I’ve always thought about my daughter learning English because she’s my only child,” said Zalman, who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

“I have always told her that I’m here for her, and she is here for me.”

Zalmen has two sons, ages 2 and 4, and one daughter, age 4.

She said she and her husband, Avraham, started working with their daughter in kindergarten.

“She is learning English, so it’s really important to her,” she said, adding that they started working on her learning by age 4, with Zalmans help.

“She’s learning English as soon as she can, so she’s learning in front of people, in front in front, in class, at home,” Zalerman said.

“In kindergarten, she was always trying to pick up things and do something with her hands, so I helped her learn English by giving her a book, by showing her where to look, and by helping her with the pronunciation.”

While Zalmann is now helping her daughter learn to read and write, she says it’s important for her to learn more about the world and culture around her.

“As she gets older, she wants to know more about all of these cultures around the world,” Zagerman said, referring to the US.

“And I think that’s important to learn.”

Zagman said she wants her daughter to be able to relate to people around the globe, to understand the history and culture of each country.

“We have a lot of similarities and differences between our countries, and we have different customs,” she explained.

“So, for her it’s very important to understand her country and what it is, and learn what we do here in the United States, because it’s not a very good place for her.”

Zagar said she feels very fortunate to have a family of her own, and the two of them have always been open about their religion.

“We pray for peace and happiness in the world, and to all the other religions around the planet,” she added.

“This is our religion, so we are very proud of that.”


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