Parents demand to know why teachers are not ‘educated on children’s mental health’

July 12, 2021 0 Comments

Parents want to know how children are being educated when they have ‘mental health problems’ that can have lifelong impacts on their wellbeing.

 They are demanding to know what is being taught in classrooms across the UK and are calling for a public inquiry.

A petition calling for the Government to launch a ‘national inquiry into the children’s education system’ has attracted more than 2,500 signatures.

In the petition, parents say the lack of understanding of the mental health and wellbeing of children is one of the biggest barriers to teaching children about mental health.

“There is a long history of mental health education being woefully lacking in children’s schools, with many children being taught to think that ‘mental illness’ is a ‘disorder’ or ‘illness’,” the petition states.

It also calls for the introduction of a National Child Mental Health Commission and for the government to ensure that children’s health information is properly addressed and monitored.

A series of new government policies are being rolled out to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of pupils across the country.

They include: the introduction of an ‘Educational Framework for the Future’ for children to understand the causes of mental illness, introducing the National Mental Health Framework for Children, supporting parents to take control over their children’s school environments, increasing support for teachers and parents to discuss mental health issues and ensuring the Government is fully engaged with the issue.

As part of the National Child Health Framework, Children’s Commissioner for England is expected to launch an inquiry into mental health on May 30.

Children and young people are already suffering from a range of mental and physical health issues, including anxiety, depression, anxiety disorder, and substance abuse, according to the Mental Health Foundation.

But in a country where almost half of adults live in poverty, it’s hard to understand how schools can be failing to educate students about mental illness.

Last month, The National Association of Head Teachers said there was a huge disparity in the level of understanding in schools about mental disorders.

Teachers should be required to be trained in childrens mental health, but are not, the group said.

Parents, teachers and childrens’ rights activists also want the Government and local authorities to take action to support vulnerable children and young adults.

The Department of Education said it was working to improve understanding of mental illnesses in schools and would make changes to the curriculum.

For more information on the ‘Kids Mental Health Inquiry’ please visit

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