Teacher ‘forced to go back to her room’ after school break ends

A teacher has been forced to return to her classroom after an overnight break due to a medical emergency, it has been claimed.

Key points:Ms Della Cunha has a history of health issues and is on a medication withdrawal plan Ms Della said she would not be taking medication for “a very long time”The school has also cancelled an upcoming trip to the World Youth GamesThe teacher has also been forced by the NSW Department of Education to “go back to the classroom” in an effort to recover from a stroke, Ms Dalla said.

Ms Dalla, who has a background in health, said she was on a “medication withdrawal plan” for “quite a while” after being diagnosed with a stroke in March.

“It’s been a long time, but I’m not going to be able to take it anymore,” Ms Dlla said.

“I’ve had a stroke for four months and my family is devastated.”

They are really upset about it, but they are also so sad about what it has meant to their daughter and her learning.

“Ms Dlla has a stroke and was recently advised to stop taking medication.

She said the decision to leave the classroom was made after the school’s health and safety manager informed her of the condition.”

The doctor said that if I was to go to the bathroom, I would have to go out of the classroom and leave my seat,” Ms Maelle said.”[They] said it’s a serious condition and that I need to stay home.

“Ms Maela said she had “never experienced” a stroke but had received a CT scan that showed the condition was very serious.”

My doctor said I was at risk of having a stroke,” Ms Pascual said.’

I would have been better off staying home’Ms Dla said she did not know what the school had planned for the trip.”

When the headmaster asked if I wanted to come back, I told him I didn’t want to go.

“Then he told me I’d better go home.”

That’s what really upset me about it.

“He said, ‘I wouldn’t have been a better parent if you went home’.”‘

I want to thank everyone for their support’The Headmaster of St Thomas’ Middle School in Cairns, Dean Rob Cavanagh, said he had spoken to Ms Dla about the situation.

“We’ve spoken to her and she has been given the support she needs, she is well and doing well,” Mr Cavanag said.

He said he was “absolutely shocked” that Ms Daela was being forced to leave.

“She’s an incredibly caring teacher and a wonderful person,” he said.



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