When children are taught to talk, they learn to read

When children grow up, they need to learn to talk.

In the process, they are taught how to read, and when they need a lesson on maths, they get a textbook on the subject.

But according to research by an international consortium of preschool education organisations, they may also learn to play with toys, and read books from books.

The preschools involved are:Teacher and Children’s Association of Singapore (TACAS)Teachers Association of New Zealand (TAZ)Teacher Development Council of the Philippines (TDC)And they’re not just the ones who are doing this.

The research, conducted by the OECD’s Learning at Home programme and funded by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), suggests that learning at home helps children become more creative, which in turn helps them learn to do their homework.

In other words, this is not the case of a simple formula for learning how to write.

Rather, this research suggests that children who are taught in their homes to talk can learn to make decisions in ways that they would not have learned at home.

According to the study, when children are learning to talk at home, they tend to do so in a way that is consistent with what they would normally do.

The children then use that knowledge to decide what to learn in the future.

Teachers also tend to use a more structured learning style when they teach children to talk about a subject, and then the children will go on to learn what is expected of them.

For instance, the study suggests that teachers can use “tricks” to help children make decisions, such as asking questions to get them to make an answer.

The researchers also found that teachers tend to encourage their students to engage in more activity in their day-to-day lives.

The research, titled “Teaching children to read and talk at school”, is the result of a four-year project by the Teachers Association of the New Zealand, TACAS, TDC, and TAZ, which surveyed preschool educators in New Zealand.

In the survey, more than 1,400 teachers in Auckland, Wellington, and Wellington were asked about their classroom and the way they teach learning to children.

The study found that children tended to be taught to read more than children who were taught in homes, and that they were more likely to learn how to make and use new objects, and to learn about math.

Children also tended to learn more in the classroom than when they were learning in homes.

The average number of times a child went to class was eight times a year, compared to three times in homes and four times in schools.

Teaching at home is more flexible and more individualised, the authors said, and the results show that this is “beneficial to children and their development”.

The research has also been published in the journal Science, and is available on the OECD website.


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