When to send a preschool education page to the next door neighbour

June 20, 2021 0 Comments

The word ‘pupil’ is often associated with the young.

And that’s a mistake, according to researchers at McGill University.

In fact, in a recent study published in the journal Child Development, researchers found that kids who received a kindergarten page from their parents were more likely to complete their first year of primary school than kids who got a kindergarten from a stranger.

“A preschool page that comes from your own parents, from a teacher or from a school counselor is not the same as a kindergarten that is a copy of the school’s curriculum,” says lead author Elizabeth F. Stokes.

She says parents should try to avoid sending their children’s kindergarten to strangers.

The study also found that parents of preschool-aged children who received kindergarten from their neighbours were less likely to have the same skills as their peers.

What are the benefits of sending a preschool page to a neighbour?

Stokes says the benefits for sending a kindergarten to a neighbor are obvious.

“They have access to the resources that you may not have access or may not be as connected to,” says Stokes, who co-authored the study with psychologist Elizabeth B. Kastel.

Parents can give the kindergarten a name, location, and curriculum that the neighbours can access online.

They can also add a picture of the child and the teacher, which is helpful.

“Parents should think about their children, and they can get more out of this if they’re having the conversation with the teacher rather than with their child, because they can talk to the child directly about the lessons,” she says.

Parents should also think about how their child feels about the teacher.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the child to feel more connected to the teacher and more involved,” says Kastle.

“There are also some really good opportunities for the parent to be involved in helping the child learn more.”

How can I tell if I’m sending a Kindergarten page to my neighbour?

The most obvious sign is the content of the page.

If you see the word ‘kids’, for example, the page is likely to contain pictures of preschoolers or kindergarteners.

If it doesn’t contain a picture, you might have a kindergarten-aged child.

If the page includes information on reading skills, social skills, or academic readiness, it might be a good idea to send it to your neighbour, says Kontel.

If parents have questions about sending their kindergarten page to their neighbours, they can consult the McGill Child Development website.

What if my neighbour has a preschooler in the house?

If your neighbour has preschoolers in the home, there may be a need to send your kindergarten page.

But there’s no guarantee your neighbour will get a copy, says Stoke.

“You can’t really tell from the child’s behavior or from the teacher’s communication style that the child is a kindergarten student, because the child doesn’t respond to the instruction,” she adds.

“But the child can see how the teacher is communicating with the child, and so the child understands what’s being taught.”

So, if your neighbour doesn’t have a preschool student, what should you do?

“If the teacher has a kindergarten, the child will be very happy,” says Fischbach.

“So if you’re sending a page to your neighbours and the child seems to have a lot of energy and is excited to be learning, you may want to send them a page that’s very simple, like a kindergarten booklet,” she explains.

“Or you may have a page with the name of the kindergarten, and you might want to give it a little more space, like maybe a little extra space, because children are learning, and the space can give them an opportunity to practice the skill that you’re teaching them.”

How do I make sure I send my kindergarten page?

“It’s a good thing to do, says Fichbach.

You can also use a different school resource if you need to, like the school playground, where the teacher or other adults can take a child out to play. “

It also gives the child the opportunity to be more connected with you and your teacher,” she continues.

You can also use a different school resource if you need to, like the school playground, where the teacher or other adults can take a child out to play.

“That way the child feels more connected and the relationship is really good,” says Chisholm.


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