Which preschools are most effective?

July 23, 2021 0 Comments

The study, published online Friday by The Chronicle of Higher Education, found that more than three-quarters of preschools offered in the U.S. in the 2014-2020 school year offered at least some type of kindergarten or first grade, while one in five offered at no time.

The study found that of the 538 preschools studied, a majority were located in the Northeast.

About one-third of the preschools surveyed in the East and Midwest were located on the West Coast.

In the Northeast, the average age of the students in kindergarten programs was 12.3 years.

That compares to 10.5 years for the U,S.

average for kindergarten students and 11.5 for those in first grade programs.

The study found, however, that more preschools in the Midwest had lower average age than in the South.

The median age of first grade students in Northeast preschools was 14.5, while it was 12 for first grade in South programs.

The study also found that many preschools were not equipped to provide the types of social, emotional and physical development and growth that children need to thrive in kindergarten and first grade.

Some preschools do not provide the kind of enrichment and social and emotional support that children require in kindergarten, the study said.

In addition, some preschools did not have adequate staff to support children during early childhood.

The Chronicle of High Education is the oldest children’s newspaper in the United States.

The paper, founded in 1890, was launched by the late Katharine Graham, who also founded The New York Times, and is based in San Francisco.


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