Why is it that a ‘sad’ story about a boy with special needs is being told as a feature in a TV show?

As we prepare to mark the birth anniversary of the late Dr. Anurag Kashyap, it is time to reflect on the story that he, and so many others, fought for, the story of the child who could not hear.

His story, as we know it, has become part of the national consciousness as the child of a child, with autism, was adopted by his adoptive parents at the age of five.

His parents had to go through a grueling process of getting a child’s medical certificate and then finding a family willing to take him in.

Dr. Kashyal is one of the few survivors of this journey.

We are celebrating his birthday today and want to look back at his journey from his birth, to his adoption, to the story we are telling.

What we have been doing over the last few years is asking what he might have been like in the day to day of life, what life would have been for him in the world, if he had not been adopted by someone like himself.

There is a lot that is being written about autism today that is a bit sad, that is not about his life.

I am not sure how to explain it, and I am sure that Dr. Chandrashekhar is not a fan of it.

He says, “He is very sad.”

In fact, Dr. K.V. Sreenivasan, a leading autism researcher and founder of the Autism Research Institute (ARC), has written a piece in the New York Times Magazine, where he writes, “It is unfortunate that our public discussions of autism have been hijacked by sensationalized headlines and the sensationalism that accompanies it.

This is a sad state of affairs.”

Dr. Srinivasan goes on to say that autism is a disorder and not a “macho or girly” trait.

Autism, he says, is “an illness.

And we need to acknowledge that the disorder is one that we cannot cure, but that we can treat.”

In this piece, he goes on, there are some good stories in this piece that reflect on his experiences, but there are also some stories that are heartbreaking and deeply personal.

I don’t want to get into the weeds of this story, but I will say this: I am a bit of a cynic.

I have been in the trenches, fighting for autism rights, for a lot of years, and my views have always been fairly simple: Autism is a disease.

There are no happy endings, and there is no cure.

The only hope is to learn from this experience and get it right the next time.

As Dr. Shree Sreenan wrote in her piece, Autism is “a disease that affects millions of people worldwide, not a disease that we will get over.

Our children deserve to be able to grow up in a society that supports them.

The most vulnerable are our most vulnerable.”

Dr Chandrasher has written that autism “is a disease with no cure.”

As he put it in a recent interview, “No one has a cure.

There has never been a cure for autism.

The cure is simply the way to do it.”

I agree.

Dr Chandroshekash is an inspiration to us, and our children.

We owe it to him to share his story and to keep fighting for this child.

We want to hear from you.

The article has been republished from The Times Of India with permission from the authors.


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